[BL] Wordstar under dosemu

sindi keesan keesan at sdf.lonestar.org
Fri Aug 19 22:23:04 EDT 2005

>> The freedos edit program works except line wrap does not progress to
>> the next line, it goes back to the beginning of the same line.

I tried dosemu -V and it does not fix this problem with 'edit'.  When I 
turn on wordwrap, it starts again at the beginning of the same line and 
pushes existing text to the right of it.
>> DR-DOS edit, breeze, and pcword are not usable because the background is
>> tiled with box character and a lot of other characters come out
>> incorrectly as upper ascii.  I am using a Tseng card with Xvesa, which
>> might be part of the problem.
>    Breeze works for me under plain dosemu.  Have you tried invoking dosemu with the " -V " switch ?
> This turns on VGA graphics and fixes the high ASCII characters on my machine.

It fixed the problem with drdos edit, thanks.  I will look more closely at 
breeze, pcword, and pedit.  It also lets me use pictview and lxpic under 
dosemu rather than xdosemu!  Wp51 is working properly as far as seeing 
what you type on this computer in VGA mode now - don't know if it is 
related to the -V switch.  (The Ctrl-F key and Alt-F key problems remain).

Is there any disadvantage in starting dosemu this way all the time?

>> There is a standalone DOS spell checker Turbo Lightning which I have not
>> yet tried.

It works in DOS with my partner's spell checker, but not under dosemu, and 
does not work at all with VDE in DOS or dosemu.

There is a linux spellchecker ispell that I can try instead.

>> Has anyone else tried a DOS text editor other than the one that comes with
>> freedos under plain dosemu?
>  I have found PEDIT is good in plain dosemu, and it has a built-in spell checker with a user-generated dictionary as well.

I downloaded it and discovered I had a Windows version - will try again.
Does it wordwrap but save files that another wordprocessor can import 
without hard line returns?

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