[BL] BL2 as a copy machine

David Moberg davidjmoberg at lycos.com
Tue Apr 5 16:03:58 EDT 2005

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From: "sindi keesan" <keesan at sdf.lonestar.org>

> 3.  David Moberg compiled netpbm for BL3 so you need libc and libm 
> and ld-linux from BL3 which I copied to BL2.  Place libnetpbm 
> (160K) into
> /usr/lib and pbmtolj (10K) or pbmtoescp2 into /usr/bin.
> Total about 340K of files.  If pbmtolj could be compiled statically 
> could one skip libnetpbm?

The point of a library like libnetpbm is that you can share common parts
between all of the pbm tools. The savings from compiling that library into
just pbmtolj are not worth it, IMO.

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