[BL] BL3 install-to-hd

3aoo-cvfd at dea.spamcon.org 3aoo-cvfd at dea.spamcon.org
Fri Sep 24 14:56:06 EDT 2004

sindi keesan wrote:
> BL2 almost always boots with loadlin from DR-DOS (not 
> after a failed boot of BL3) whereas BL3 never does 

What exactly do you mean by does not boot?  Do you see
the kernel info scroll by?

> So the difference is probably something to do with 
> the startup routine.

The startup routine (init + startup scripts) does not 
begin until *after* the kernel completes booting.  If 
you aren't seeing the kernel info scroll, then your 
problem has nothing to do with the startup routine.

> Does LILO let you have a boot menu that offers a choice of:
> booting into BL3
> booting into BL2
> booting into DR-DOS (to use DOS)


> booting into Win9X DOS with system files (to use Win or DOS)
> booting into Win9X DOS without system files

Unless they are on different partitions, I think not.
AFAIK lilo simply hands over to the foreign OS on the
partition.  It doesn't select a specific configuration
for that OS.


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