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On Wed, 15 Sep 2004 3aoo-cvfd at dea.spamcon.org wrote:

> Matrix Mole wrote:
>> I thought abiword was a console based word processing program.
>> Is it strictly an X based application?
> Yes.
>> Even so, I'd have thught we'd have one compiled for BL3 by now
>> (with as many people seem to use it that is).
> The BasicLinux version of AbiWord is statically compiled.
> It works on either BL1 or BL2.  Unfortunately Xvesa does
> not like it, so it won't work on BL3 (unless you replace
> Xvesa with a different Xserver).

Flwriter last I looked at it insisted on more than 16 colors.
Does Abiword work in BL2 with your basic plain VGA package?
I write monochrome words.
(Realaudio also insists on lots of colors to hear music with).

> I really like AbiWord.  I do all my serious wordprocessing
> on it (running on BL2).  I also use it for reading the .doc
> attachments that Windows-people send me.

I use Antiword but sometimes it fails me.  Does Abiword always handle the 
latest WORD?  Antiword had particular problems reading something in which 
the date changed depending when you read it, and also a website which 
someone kindly converted from HTML to WORD to help me read it.

How would I go about using your BL2-x package for Abiword but Xvesa for 
Opera and other X programs?  If I symlink X to Xvesa, could I still use 
command-line to load another X server such as Xvga?

xinit -- /usr/X11R6/bin/Xvga 
xinit -- /usr/X11R6/bin/Xvesa

Or make a symlink from Xvga to X and just type xinit?

I tried to set up Xsvga but am missing something needed for XF86config.
I prefer Xvesa for letting me choose resolution and color each time.

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