[BL] serial networking and telnet server

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Tue Oct 19 22:42:38 EDT 2004

sindi keesan wrote:
> I have been reading various HOWTOs and web pages.  
> THere is also slip, cslip, dip and slattach and wvdial 
> and linuxconf to set up ppp 

That is not correct.  slattach has nothing to do with
ppp.  It is an alternative method of putting a TCP/IP 
network on a serial line.  slattach uses slip (or cslip) 
but not ppp. 

> but I found one suggestion to use ifconfig.

ifconfig is used for slattach, not ppp.

> So on the analogy of an ethernet network I typed:
> ifconfig ppp0 

Your analogy breaks down when you execute pppd
(which automatically configures the interface).
> Is there some way to set this up so as not to need 
> login and password?

For telnet?  The purpose of telnet is to enable you
to login to the system like a local user.

> With ethernet I did not need either to send files.  

That was using the send/receive scripts.  They will also 
work via ppp.  

> I was reading about putting the IP address of the incoming 
> computer into pap-secrets so that authentication would not 
> be required 

Are you still talking about telnet authentication?  If so,
the above has nothing to do with it.

> Can I telnet over a plip connection?  

Yes, you can telnet over any TCP/IP connection.  Ethernet,
ppp, plip, whatever.

> Serial transfer is about 10K/sec, 
> ethernet 1-10MB/sec 
> parallel was in between (1/40 of ethernet = 250K, 8x serial = 80K?)  

I get the following:
serial:     9K/sec  @115200
ethernet: 700K/sec
plip:      38K/sec

> and laptops don't have ethernet connections 

On the contrary, any laptop with a PCMCIA slot can take 
an ethernet card (which are quite cheap these days).

> I presume if kermit works over serial and ethernet it 
> will also telnet/transfer over parallel connection.  
> As should zmodem?

Do you remember when I talked about a TCP/IP network
being like a road?  It doesn't matter whether the road 
is built of concrete (ethernet), tar (ppp) or gravel 
(plip).  Once the road is up and running, you can drive 
your kermit (or whatever) from one end of the road to 
the other.

> I then tried to run X from the dumb terminal 

That won't work.  Just like you don't get X on tty1
when you startx on tty1.

> Would BL3 in 4MB be able to connect to a computer with 
> more RAM (and monitor turned off) and run programs in X?  

Yes.  BL3 was designed for that very purpose.

> Or even with 3MB?  

No.  4mb is the bare minimum for an Xterminal.

> Still don't know how to telnet over a serial cable.
> Steven, did you actually have this working with BL2 or 3?

(sigh) Yes.  I have personally tested (more than once)
every one of the configuration options in /root/netsetup.



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