Twin: was [BL] BL3 applications

3aoo-cvfd at 3aoo-cvfd at
Fri Oct 8 14:52:01 EDT 2004

James Miller wrote:
> The program is called "Twin."  It is a console program 
> that allows creation of virtual terminals within a single 
> console.  It's billed as a sort of xwindows for the console.  

Thanks for the input.  I would have been interested in 
this for BL1 or BL2 (which did not have X); however, with 
BL3 I made the decision to provide real X functionality 
and that's the course I am following.  

> Terminals can be resized and dragged around the screen 
> With gpm, one can copy and paste text between terminals 

I agree these capabilities are extremely useful; but
they are already in BL3 (by using xterms).  Most Linux
distributions have a lot of redundancy (six different
ways to do the same thing) but not BL3.

I am mainly looking for applications that are completely 
missing in BL3.  What about naim?  Or is that gaim?
Do you have a version that runs on BL3?


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