[b-hebrew] "Chapter" and "verse" in Hebrew

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Hi James,


Glad I could help. 


No, the plural forms are "peraqim" and "pesuqim".


Yigal Levin


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Dear YigaI:


I really appreciate your response. Is the Arabic plural form for pasuq -
pawasiq still being used to for "verses" of the TORAH? 


Lascelles James


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Hi James,


"Chapter" is "pereq" and "verse" (in the sense of biblical syntax - not a
verse of poetry) is "pasuq". Both terms are Medieval Hebrew based on
biblical terms, and both are used in modern Hebrew as well.


Yigal Levin


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Greetings everyone:


How do I say "Chapter" and "verse" in Hebrew (Biblical or Modern).


Lascelles James

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