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1. Correct. The letters ו ב פ are "interchangeable". Consider the  
שבע שוע שפע

2. The act עוה AWAH 'distort, deviate', is a variant of עבה  
ABAH , 'thick, big'.
The letter I is thin, but the devious letters O and U are thick. The  
acts כפף 'bend'
and גבב GBB (in the HB only GAB), 'pileup', are one and the same.

3. The description of feelings or states of consciousness is  
difficult, but I don't
think that תועבה "comes from" a show of twisted face. The word  
כיסופים KIYSUPIYM,
'longings' as in Ge. 31:30 has nothing to do with כסף 'money'.

4. The root B of תועבה TOEBAH means 'be, come', referring to a  
sensation. I mentioned
this before. The act בא BA is commonly used in spoken Hebrew to  
denote desire: BA LIY
LIROT SERET בא לי לראות סרט 'I would rather see a movie'.

5. The words אב 'father', and עב 'cloud', come both from the root  
B, 'big, large'.

Isaac Fried, Boston University

On Mar 25, 2013, at 3:38 PM, Nir cohen - Prof. Mat. wrote:

> as to a possible root, i suggest (WH, (WYT (twisted his face, show  
> disgust)
> and (WWN (sin, stray) though the passage from W to B may be a bit  
> forced.
> but consider for example NWL, NW)L and NBL, $WL(YM) and $WBL,
> $W+ and $B+, GW and GB, GW$ and GB$/GWY$, maybe $RWWL-SRBL,
> where this transition took place.
> but also see the word (B (cloud), H(YB (obscured).

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