[b-hebrew] Semantic shades?

Chavoux Luyt chavoux at gmail.com
Thu Mar 28 06:29:13 EDT 2013

Shalom everybody and chag sameach!

I have two questions:
1. What is the difference between malachah (מלאכה) and avodah (עבדה)? Are
they simply synonyms or is there a difference in meaning?
2. In 1 Kings 9:22 it says: "ומבני ישראל לא נתן שלמה עבד כי הם אנשי המלחמה
ועבדיו ושריו ושלשיו ושרי רכבו ופרשיו׃" ...
Solomon did not make slaves of any of the children of Israel and yet they
were his "slaves" (עבדיו)? It would appear that "eved" (עבד) can have two
different meanings? Or is it because they were "his" slaves/servants that
there is a difference? Does the possessive change the meaning word or is it
simply a homonym (similar word, but different meanings)?

Chavoux Luyt
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