[b-hebrew] P R (H/"Pharaoh"" Three Meanings

Antonio Garcia garcia.secretariagh.antonio1 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 18 15:16:56 EDT 2013

       Dear members of list:
       For over a year I am showing on my Facebook wall, a heterodox
reading of hieroglyphics and Egyptian design, transliterated into hebrew
        In mi opinion, the word pharaoh it´s a ideogram very common in
hieroglyphics and cartridges, it is a cup of tea, which defines a great
alef and a little handle, which defines ayin.
        The Hebrew legend can be expanded, depending on this design,
[פרור א עינ] = [פרורימ אלפ עינ], the chief in guard of the floodgates, (or
          I think these are the floodgates of the Nile´s river.

Antonio Garcia Hurtado.

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