[b-hebrew] abrHm or abRhm?

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Sun Mar 17 19:55:31 EDT 2013


Within Hebrew I haven’t found substitutions between Alep, Heth and Ayin,
which leads me to suspect that they had very different pronunciations
during Biblical times. So that leads us back to the presupposition that the
names you list below came from different roots, different histories.

The story may be different when one deals with cognate languages, but then
so many things differ when cognate languages are concerned, so they’re not
a good example to access.

Karl W. Randolph.

> the BR connection is indeed is another possibility. maybe one should
> reflect more globally on ABRYHEM or AFRYHEM in the historical connection
> of
> just one mystery: is it a coincidence that ABRM and (PRWN meet in XBRWN?
> is it
> possible that we have here one origin and three different sources?
> nir cohen
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