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If we ignore religious notions and dogma, linguistically does his
interpretation have standing?

-Joseph Roberts

Hello Joseph,
> I disagree with B. Tsadaka on the issue of Mosheh merely having one wife,
> but with this being stated, let us discuss the term "Kushiyt". A lot of
> people think this term means that Mosheh's wife was "black", but this is an
> outdated thought, which really never had any backing from the Torah. The
> term "Kushiyt" would refer to anyone who was a descendant of Kush, to which
> even Nim'rod the ruler of Ba*b*el was.
> Historically the list of Kush's descendants refers to peoples living in
> what we refer to as Turkey and India today, not peoples in Africa.
> I think the issue of her being "Kushiyt" had nothing to do with her being
> "black", but with her being of a different culture than them. Mosheh was
> being chastised for marrying a non-Yisraeli woman, and that chastisement
> was not welcomed by the Deity. I think this is used to serve as a lesson to
> our people, but that is not a linguistic discussion, but a religious
> discussion and not one for this forum.
> Blessings,
> Yo*h*anan bin-Dawidh
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