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Sat Mar 16 18:25:30 EDT 2013

Hello Joseph,

I disagree with B. Tsadaka on the issue of Mosheh merely having one wife,
but with this being stated, let us discuss the term "Kushiyt". A lot of
people think this term means that Mosheh's wife was "black", but this is an
outdated thought, which really never had any backing from the Torah. The
term "Kushiyt" would refer to anyone who was a descendant of Kush, to which
even Nim'rod the ruler of Ba*b*el was.

Historically the list of Kush's descendants refers to peoples living in
what we refer to as Turkey and India today, not peoples in Africa.

I think the issue of her being "Kushiyt" had nothing to do with her being
"black", but with her being of a different culture than them. Mosheh was
being chastised for marrying a non-Yisraeli woman, and that chastisement
was not welcomed by the Deity. I think this is used to serve as a lesson to
our people, but that is not a linguistic discussion, but a religious
discussion and not one for this forum.


Yo*h*anan bin-Dawidh
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