[b-hebrew] abrHm or abRhm?

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i fully agree with your observations.

the BR connection is indeed is another possibility. maybe one should 
reflect more globally on ABRYHEM or AFRYHEM in the historical connection of


just one mystery: is it a coincidence that ABRM and (PRWN meet in XBRWN? is it
possible that we have here one origin and three different sources?

(i guess all these free associations must be on record somewhere...) 
unfortunately all this is buried in the dust...

nir cohen

On Fri, 15 Mar 2013 02:48:18 -0700, K Randolph wrote
> Nir et al.:
> One error I notice is the the assumption is made that the name mirrors exactly what the person says concerning the person’s situation. So, for example, people twist the name Samuel to try to make it say something about listening because “God listened to my prayer” when an analysis of the letters of the name indicate that “God placed him for I asked for him from YHWH” 1 Samuel 1:20.
> Other times names may have been deliberately distorted, such as Yaabets 1 Chronicles 4:9.
> In the name Abraham, are we dealing with a direct connection assuming Ab-raham or a more indirect meaning such as a Yiqtol verb A-barah-m meaning “I’ll make them have many sons” or something similar? With a meaning connected with BR son?
> Everyone is so hung up that Ab must mean “father” and that there must be a direct correlation of meaning that they don’t see other possibilities.
> No, I’m not claiming I have the answer, only saying there are other options on the table that should be considered.
> Karl W. Randolph.

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