[b-hebrew] Off-Topic: Where should I pursue a Ph.D.? (C L)

Peter Bekins pbekins at fuse.net
Mon Mar 4 14:28:08 EST 2013

Charles Halton has a list of programs with an ANE emphasis on the sidebar of his blog (www.awilum.com). The top-tier programs will typically provide the kind of stipend that will cover your tuition + some living expense. This will usually cover the dissertation phase as well which is an important aspect to consider. The downside is that they only accept a couple students each year.

If you truly are interested in paleography, I would begin with McCarter at Hopkins. The other top-tier programs would be Berkeley, NYU, Toronto, UCLA, Texas, and Yale. Note that Harvard is not listed because the main Hebrew Bible/Semitics profs are now at Texas. 

I will receive the PhD in Bible and ANE with emphasis in Semitics this June from Hebrew Union College. HUC does offer a stipend to cover tuition plus some living expenses, but it does not cover the dissertation years and due to retirement, we do not currently have a strong emphasis on Semitics. If you have specific questions feel free to contact me off-list.

Peter Bekins
Cincinnati, OH

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