[b-hebrew] the root KPR in Deut21:8.

David Kolinsky hadeesh at sbcglobal.net
Tue Jul 23 19:05:58 EDT 2013

Hello all:

I am a bit confused about the final use of the root KPR in Deut21:8.
If it is a Niphal (as the context suggests that it should be) shouldn't it be NeeKaPhaeR (N -hiriq- K -qamats- Ph -tsere- R) 

    with a dagesh in the Kaf and no dagesh in the Peh?

The piel, which does not fit the context, would have a dagesh in the Peh and not in the Kaf.

If it is in fact a niphal, does any one know of another use of niphal with this root?

David KolinskyMonterey CA
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