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Barry nebarry at verizon.net
Tue Jul 23 12:08:11 EDT 2013

Bible Translation Magazine has started a certificate program. Here is 
the email I've been sending out:

Bible Translation magazine now offers a certificate curriculum in 
"Basics of Biblical Studies." Rates are quite reasonable and the work 
profitable. If you take Greek, you have me as your instructor... :)


For now, I also get to teach introductory Hebrew. Augh! Run away, run 
away, fetchez une vache... Ooh, sorry, panic attack.

Seriously, for Greek, we'll be using Ted Hildebrandt's free online 
materials, supplemented by stuff I'll supply. What would folks recommend 
for beginning Hebrew? Is there an online resource similar to 
Hildebrandt's that might be good? What is the best intro text available? 
And don't anybody say Weingreen... (Hey! I told you not to say that, so 
don't even try!)

N.E. Barry Hofstetter
Semper melius Latine sonat

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