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Dear Jim,

"Methinks thou protesteth too much."

The Tanakh gives the ages of the Patriarchs that would also include Adam, Abel, Enoch, Noah, etc. Strictly speaking, the Patriarchs of the Hebrew would be from Abram (Abraham), Isaac, and Jacob (Israel). That is what the TEXT SAYS AND WHAT IS WRITTEN.

Now, just because our more modern ideas or theories or experience does not match that to what is found in the Tanakh does not mean that what was said is wrong, incorrect, falsehood, etc. The ancients were there, we were not. UNLESS there is something in the TEXT that states otherwise. Just because the Hebrew grammar and syntax may allow for a possibility does not mean that it was probable. There are degrees of certainty: Not possible, not probable, possible, probable, certain. Your theories over the past several years lie in the area of "Not possible and Not possible."

Rev. Bryant J. Williams III
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