[b-hebrew] , cultic calendar, shanah

Chris Watts dekruidnootjes at eircom.net
Tue Jul 23 04:45:47 EDT 2013

Just to make one comment about your 6 month year, do you realise that  
both today in Israel and ever since the festivals were instuted that  
passover, in Nissan, represents the first month of the year because  
the children came out of Israel, and today this is the beginning of  
the CIVIL year.  And that the month wherin Taberbacles happens,   
Tishrei, represents the end of the harvest/crop cycle year - the  
first month of the Religious year.

There are two new years so to speak separated by 6 months, but this  
in no way ever did imply that the jewish year was six months long.  
Chris Watts

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