[b-hebrew] Ruth 1:12 too old for a husband

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> I think that the main issue here is economic, not "self worth".

Hi Yigal,

I agree with you; it is not a "self-worth" issue.  The fact that she takes this personal is understandable since she is the survivor.  Her statement is one of "resignation" to the sovereignty of the Almighty.  I don't think though that it is necessarily economic, although this is a major factor.  I think it is simply cultural.  It was probably not fitting for her to be remarried; it would be natural for her to remain a widow.  I also agree with your previous comment, that "to be with a man" would be a sexual phrase.  Here she is saying "to a man" which concerns her marriageability.  The context confirms this: "even if I should have a husband this night and should bear sons, would you therefore wait till they were grown?"  I wouldn't categorize it as official, but more of an understood propriety.  She does say "if I should say I have hope." So she could be legally remarried, if destiny accorded it.


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