[b-hebrew] Ruth 1: 12 too old for a husband

Chris Watts dekruidnootjes at eircom.net
Mon Jul 22 06:28:23 EDT 2013

The part of verse 12:  זקנתי  מהיות  לאיש  concentrating  
on the mem prefix.  Looking down my lists of how מן  is used I have  
presumed to fit it into the "Causal" category, (from arnold and choi  
ref heb syntax book).  Literally translated in idiomatic way:  "I am  
too old from being for a husband."  It's interesting to see how  
modern hebrew would say this:  אני זקן מכדי שאהיה לי  
הבעל  they have also that nuance of 'from' followed by the verb  
'being'.  It is interesting to note that she does not say :    
זקנתי להיות אישה

Chris Watts

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