[b-hebrew] Ezek 3:26

Chris Watts dekruidnootjes at eircom.net
Thu Jul 18 04:38:57 EDT 2013

Chris Watts

Jerry I absolutely aggree with you, the correct grammatical approach  
is number one, and yes I have no time for bible codes and that sort  
of thing, neither for exhaustive rabbinical explanations that are  
filled with theological turnings and subtle bitterness of thought and  
weird grammatical twistings, I have artscroll torah studies of Ruth  
and song of songs and am amazed at the incredible mutation of their  
discussions for example.  Nevertheless I have also listened to a lot  
of wisdom from the rabbis and their perspectives on hebrew and its  
text are quite sensible, lending a truthful dimension to the text  
that is unheard of in the christian field.  I agree that we should  
not impinge any ideas on the text and have found myself doing that  
sometimes, but I am glad that I did because now I know what to be  
aware of. I would like to have gone to a college to study for a few  
years but it was not possible, (I would have to leave Irelabnd for  
that anyway) - but hebrew was never an academic choice for me, it was  
just something in my heart that keeps leading me.

Thankyou for that book by the way, I'll look into it.

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