[b-hebrew] Re: masoretes (Matres Lectionis)

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Tue Jul 16 17:00:37 EDT 2013

On 2013-07-15 16:25, Will Parsons wrote:
 > Minor quibble:
 > when used in diphthongs,
 > they were essentially being used for their consonantal value,
 > rather than as matres lectionis.
 > (But I think monophthongization of diphthongs
 > could contribute to the use of waw and yodh as matres lectionis.)

It may be a minor quibble, but your quibble is an important quibble. 
This is more-or-less what my mind was thinking when I wrote, but I 
totally failed to express it when I wrote.

Many thanks for pointing out and clarifying this.

-- Ratson Naharädama

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