[b-hebrew] The abbreviated form for Lord

Chris Watts dekruidnootjes at eircom.net
Tue Jul 16 10:40:46 EDT 2013

יהוה    יהּ
  This bothers me, if the name of God was declared with the 4 letters  
and spoken of course.  If this name was the Holiest of names.  Then  
what possible reasoning could be offered to explain its shortening in  
the song of Miriam, throughout the psalms and 3 places in Isaiah.   
Surely this would be like me shortening Jesus to Je?  There emust  
have been a good reason for ascribing JaH as the ultimate in respect,  
since where it is used is accompanied within the context of  
exceptional praise?  But that is a mystery.  Can anyone explain please?

Chris Watts

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