[b-hebrew] Ex 6:6 hiphil imperative 'bring' (K Randolph)

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> Hi Karl, well jut one thing that gets me thinking, I do remember in Judges
> somewhere, that there is evidence of two dialects, one of the tribes could
> not pronounce the shin as 'sh' but only as 's'.  So how would you account
> for that?

You reference Judges 12:6 where the difference is between the Sin and

Both from the use of Sameck in Ezra and Nehemiah to transliterate
Artaxerxes and that it came into both Latin and Greek with the “X” phoneme,
makes me suspect that the Sameck was originally a Xameck with the “X” sound.

Already in Ezra’s time the sound was changing from a Xameck to a Sameck and
the source of the change was Aramaic. Evidence is that in Nehemiah and the
Hebrew sections of Ezra all have the Xamack for the second “x” in
Artaxerxes, While all but twice the second “x” is transliterated with a Sin
in the Aramaic sections of Ezra.

> Chris Watts
> Ireland
> Chris Watts
> Ireland

Karl W. Randolph.
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