[b-hebrew] Ex 6:6 hiphil imperative 'bring'

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Hi Karl

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> By the way, can you document any changes that happened to Biblical Hebrew
> language during the 800 years from Moses to Nebuchadnezzar when it was a
> natively spoken language?
First off, it is known from surrounding ANE countries that scribes normally
updated the language (grammar, spelling and sometimes vocabulary) when they
copied a previous work. Understanding was more important than keeping
archaisms. So it is reasonable that the same process happened in Biblical
I also think it would be good to compare the spelling used in the tunnel of
Hezekiah to that used in our later copies of the Tanach. If I remember
correctly, there is much less use of plene spelling (matres lectionis).
I would assume that even though some archaisms survived in the older texts,
most of the language would be updated as was normal at the time. One
glaring example of change is the use of the male הוא (hu) for females
instead of היא (hi) found only in the Torah and in none of the later books.

Chavoux Luyt
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