[b-hebrew] Ex 6:6 hiphil imperative 'bring' (K Randolph)

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On Tue, Jul 16, 2013 at 12:28 AM, Jerry Shepherd <jshepherd53 at gmail.com>wrote:

>  Karl, Karl, try to follow the flow of the discussion.  It was you who
> first mentioned corruption in regard to Mishnaic Hebrew in the midst of a
> discussion we were having about the Masoretic text.

Which is relevant to the question, for if Mishnaic Hebrew was already
corrupted, then the Masoretic Hebrew that followed it still had the same
corruption, if not more.

>   I said it was not a corruption.

To which I then asked a general question, what then do you call that sort
of corruption as it applies to any language? A question you have yet to

>   That led eventually to my saying that I did not consider what the
> Masoretes did to be a corruption, and for some reason you referred to that
> as a red herring, apparently not knowing what a red herring is.

It is a red herring in the context of the question I asked.

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> Jerry
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> Karl W. Randolph.
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