[b-hebrew] Ex 6:6 hiphil imperative 'bring' (K Randolph)

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You have become awfully high maintenance.  I have a full time job in a
seminary where I actually teach this stuff to students, and they are not
nearly as much a drain on my time and patience as you have turned out to
be; they are interested in learning in learning and responsible
interchange.  It's not my burden in this discussion to define terms that
you use.  So either explain your position more accurately and more
adequately or drop the discussion.



Jerry Shepherd
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On Mon, Jul 15, 2013 at 11:45 PM, K Randolph <kwrandolph at gmail.com> wrote:

> Jerry:
> On Mon, Jul 15, 2013 at 9:49 PM, Jerry Shepherd <jshepherd53 at gmail.com>wrote:
>> Karl: "This is completely backwards—I don’t straitjacket the text, rather
>> the text leads to the understanding.  If one defines each word’s use by
>> its immediate context, if taken to its logical conclusion, results in
>> linguistic chaos where meanings are subject to one’s personal whims. There
>> needs to be some discipline. What do you suggest should be the discipline?"
>> Jerry: When you come to the biblical text with the preconceived notion
>> that a lexeme in all its occurrences has "one unique meaning" you are
>> inevitably going to distort the text.   Languages don't work that way;
>> texts don't work that way.  The recognition that a lexeme can have
>> different meanings by no way leads to linguistic chaos.  That is simply
>> a fiction of your imagination.  Yes, there is a discipline, and the
>> grand majority of biblical scholars are well trained in that discipline.
>> In the next day or two, I'll start a separate thread on a particular
>> Hebrew word to demonstrate how that discipline works.
> This is a nonsense answer, in that you haven’t defined your terms.
>> Blessings,
>> Jerry
>> Jerry Shepherd
>> Taylor Seminary
>> Edmonton, Alberta
>> jshepherd53 at gmail.com
>> Karl W. Randolph.
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