[b-hebrew] Ex 6:6 hiphil imperative 'bring' (K Randolph)

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> Hi Karl,
> Two responses for now.  More to come after you've made your response to
> no. (5).
> (5) What?  No response to this one? I'd love to see it.  J

I figured that as I was going from memory, and I no longer have access to a
copy of the book, I can neither verify nor falsify my memory, so there’s no
more that I can say.

> (6) Karl, as I said, your proposed etymology is highly unlikely.  Were
> you aware that the batter in baseball was originally called a "striker"?  And
> that he was given a number of chances to make proper contact with the ball
> when "striking" at it?  And that there was an umpire who kept count of
> these "strikes"?  Karl, all you have done is create a false, unlikely,
> and undemonstrable etymology.

In other words, you are arguing for the idea that I originally guessed at,
namely that a “strike” does not mean to miss, rather it means an attempt to
hit within a scoring area, or that the ball was delivered in such an area
that such an attempt should have been made but wasn’t. You rejected this
before, if I remember correctly, so now you push it?

There is another use of “strike” with a form and meaning common to other
Germanic languages, also used in other contexts in English, with a meaning
of a negative mark or count against someone or something. An example is
this headline “Awful derailment in Canada is another strike against tank
car design: editorial”

Either way, “strike” does not mean “to miss”.

The only reason this argument is being made in b-hebrew is so that you can
argue that Hebrew words have widely varient meanings, even opposite
meanings, without being homonyms or homographs. I read this as you wanting
to play Humpty Dumpty with the text of Tanakh.

> Jerry
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> Karl W. Randolph.
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