[b-hebrew] Ex 6:6 hiphil imperative 'bring' (K Randolph)

Jerry Shepherd jshepherd53 at gmail.com
Sat Jul 13 01:19:14 EDT 2013

Hi Karl,

Two responses for now.  More to come after you've made your response to no.

(5) What?  No response to this one? I'd love to see it.  J

(6) Karl, as I said, your proposed etymology is highly unlikely.  Were you
aware that the batter in baseball was originally called a "striker"?  And
that he was given a number of chances to make proper contact with the ball
when "striking" at it?  And that there was an umpire who kept count of
these "strikes"?  Karl, all you have done is create a false, unlikely, and
undemonstrable etymology.



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