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Fri Jul 12 01:56:15 EDT 2013

Then, Chris, you do not think that our "great king" in Ecc 9:14 comes at
the head of a great army (= many men)... to attack the little town?
If so....  how could he build up the big works of war?

Pere Porta

2013/7/11 Chris Watts <dekruidnootjes at eircom.net>

> Pere, my immediate reacion to tis verse is Yes it could be real.  By
> virtue of a number of conclusions that I draw:
> 1.   A great King it says, not a great army; meaning a well known and
> feared leader
> 2.  I am reminded of historical moments in history in Europe where the
> army outnumbered the occupants of a small town and had to besiege it for
> months.  Especially during the wars between the English and French in
> France during the early medieval period.
> 3.  Even small towns could have had very inaccessible points of entry for
> a would be attacker, and maybe the 'great king' did not want to waste
> valuable men in a straight forward frontal approach, even though he could
> have been successful he might then have become resented by his troops for
> such an enormous sacrifice for such a little town where this little town
> was no threat to him strategically, maybe the twon had just insulted this
> king and the king was more concerned about his pride than with obtaining
> any strategic value from such a move.
> Chris Watts
> Ireland
> On 11 Jul 2013, at 12:06, Pere Porta wrote:
> Dear b-hebrew listers,
> concerning Ecc 9:14.
> I think that the scenary descripton the author offers us in this verse is
> something imagined...  not real.
> Namely,
> 1. Is it logical that a GREAT king makes an attack on a LITTLE town?
> 2. Is it logical that this king builds BIG works of war round about al
> LITTLE town?
>  Is this a good reason to think that it is an imagined scenario and not a
> real one?
> Pere Porta

Pere Porta
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