[b-hebrew] Amalek's attacks before the big battle of Ex 17:8?

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Dear Chris and all,

The primary purpose of this list is to discuss biblical Hebrew language. We
have always allowed a very liberal interpretation of that term. However,
Chris' question below really has nothing at all to do with language, and as
such is really off-topic. That being said, I'll allow a short round of
suggestions. But if this becomes a discussion (or debate) on the historicity
of the episode (or of the Bible in general), the thread will be shut down. 

SO - any ideas?

Yigal Levin,

Co-Moderator, B-Hebrew.

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To begin with just a brief question, we're all familiar with the battle in
Ex 17:8.  But in Deut 25:17 we note that Amalek was picking the Israelites
off at the rear, the weakest, those that were lagging behind.  What I am
curious about is this must have been happening before the major battle where
Moshe organised His major assault while at Rephidim.  Is this true?  The
only snag here is that the Israelites were complaining about a lack of
water, if the Amalekites were already doing there hit and runs a few miles
down the road on theose that were at the back of the long march then the
Israelites would have told Moshe and they would have complained about this
as well.  So this is my question mark, the idea that the Amalekites
continued to haunt the Israelites after that major battle does not, at this
moment, seem plausible.

Chris Watts

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