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Hi Isaac,

Isn't KARKAR just another circle word.

Isaac Mozeson says:

"CYCLE is from Greek kuklos (circle); the alleged Indo-European “root” is k(w)el (to revolve, move around, sojourn, dwell).
The guttural shift from גל   GL to KL mathches  what the AHD found to reconstruct their “root.”         גל GahL is a circular mound or wave – see GALE.  עגיל   GHaGeeYL is a ring or earring (Numbers 31:50).  עגל [A]GahL is to roll; עגל  [A]GoaL means round (I Kings 7:31).   עגול   GHeeGOOL is a circle (IKings7:23). The Indo-European “root” for CIRCLE, sker (to turn, bend), is related to the sound of   סחר   $aK[H]aR (to travel around), while the meanings of Indo-European k(w)el match the GR word    גור GooWR (dwell, sojourn - Genesis32:5).

Greek kirkos (a ring), Sanskrit cakram (circle), and Russian krug (circle) indicate that a double-guttural + liquid [K-K/G-L/R] is the more common axis to spin words of roundness on.

 Edenic offers: גלגל   GaLGahL (wheel), גלגל   GiLGaiL (to roll, revolve, wander),  K[H]ahG (to make a cycle: a cyclical holy day     – see HAGIOGRAPHA ),  חגור   K[H]ahGOAR (belt),  כרכור   KIRKOOR (circle: to whirl),   עגלה   GHaGaLaH (cart, wagon), עגלגלת   [A]GooLGeLeT (elliptic), and קערה     Q’GHahRaH (bowl). For the vowel-Ayin with Gimel – see EGG.


Jonathan Mohler

On Jul 9, 2013, at 10:50 PM, b-hebrew-request at lists.ibiblio.org wrote:

> I see no evidence that the act KARKAR is 'to whirl', but I know that some 
> think so. Some 100 years ago when a Hebrew equivalent was sought for "dreidl", 
> the great Hebrew poet X. N. Bialik suggested KIRKAR, but it failed to take hold, 
> and what is used now is סביבון SBIYBON, from the act SABAB, 'go around', 
> as the classical Hebrew nursery rhyme says

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