[b-hebrew] Relationship of כרך, 'wrap around, surround', to כרר?

Stewart Felker stewart.felker at gmail.com
Sun Jul 7 12:22:16 EDT 2013

Klein, in his etymological dictionary of Hebrew, says that כרך, 'wrap
around, surround' is "properly a shortened form of base כרר" ('to move back
and forth, turn'). But if this is true, what exactly is it shortened FROM?
To the best of my understanding, כרר is probably an extension of biradical
כר...and so the pilpel would be כרכר - for example וְדָוִד מְכַרְכֵּר, "and
David is dancing (whirling)" (there's also Ugaritic krkr 'to twist,
twiddle', Arabic karkara, 'he repeated').

Is this what he means?

And this would be a pretty atypical process, right? But is there any chance
that there's somewhat of a similar case with Ugaritic kbkb, כוכב, 'star' -
cf. Akkadian kabābu 'to roast, burn'? (Klein refers to an Akkadian ku'ū 'to
roast', but the closest I've found to this is a kawûm (II) (kamû?), 'to

Stewart Felker
University of Memphis
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