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> So may I ask then for your thougts and other peoples' thoughts on this
> article
> http://www.sbl-site.org/**publications/article.aspx?**articleId=675<http://www.sbl-site.org/publications/article.aspx?articleId=675>
> Chris Watts
> Ireland

This article was referenced before on this list, and at that time I
endorsed its conclusions—all of them, because I had come to many of the
same conclusions before reading the article.

As a learner, I fall into his third category—one who merely wants to read
the text of Tanakh. In fact, I never intended to learn Hebrew, but found
myself in a college level Hebrew class as a result of a class mix-up, and
stayed (Curiosity killed the cat). I never intended on writing a
dictionary, but as I read Tanakh through time after time, I noticed more
and more cases where the dictionaries I had available to me at that time
(Gesenius, Davidson, occasional references to BDB, Lisowski, this last one
being a concordance) didn’t always match what I found in the text and/or
lexicographic methods I found useful for understanding modern languages. I
never intended to write a grammar, but again much of the grammar I was
taught, mostly as it pertains to verbs, doesn’t fit the text I read, so now
I have a rudimentary grammar that covers the most important aspects of the
language. And to think that all started because I found myself in a
beginning Hebrew class instead of the class I wanted to attend.

If I were to get an opportunity to teach Hebrew, I think I’d follow much
the same as he outlined in his article—teach the points and the modern
pronunciation (I might even include the Yemenite pronunciation that I was
taught)—but emphasize reading the text, and that unpointed. For extra
credit, I may include teaching the archaic Hebrew script that I have used
for years to read Tanakh.

Karl W. Randolph.
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