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Nir cohen - Prof. Mat. nir at ccet.ufrn.br
Mon Jul 1 11:11:58 EDT 2013


>>>The next verse, I Kings 10: 29, brags that Solomon supplied fine horses to
the Hurrians [XTY : H-XT-YM] throughout Syria. 

where did you get the strange idea that solomon exported horses? certainly not
from 1 kings 10. all it says is 1) solomon accrued horses; 2) the origin of
the horse IMPORT (not EXPORT, mind you!) was so-ans-so; 3) horses and chariots 
were very expensive. the rest is deduction which is not in the text.

really, my conclusion is not so much that 1Kgs 10 BRAGS about solomon - it
really indirectly criticizes him for two vices associated with every
administration up to our days: overspending and luxury. specifically,
a comentary of samuel (and moses?) about not having many horses (nowadays,
rather horse power).

nir cohen

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