[b-hebrew] To Bless and Pools of Water

Chris Watts dekruidnootjes at eircom.net
Mon Jul 1 09:33:24 EDT 2013

that reminds of Isaiah somewhere:  line upon line rule upon rule:  
28:10.  and your quote from Joshua is very interesting since this  
alludes very much to the idea of salvation rescue and ultimately hope  
both from rahab's view and the idea of salvation.
Chris Watts

On 1 Jul 2013, at 02:04, Isaac Fried wrote:

And not to forget the תקות חוט השני TIQWAT XUT HA-$ANIY,  
"the line of scarlet thread" of Jos. 2:18.

Isaac Fried, Boston University

On Jun 30, 2013, at 5:27 PM, Isaac Fried wrote:

> I suspect that the relationship to linen yarn comes by way of  
> thinking about קוה QWH
> as a form of קו QAW (related, methinks, to גב GAB, 'high'),  
> 'line', as in 1Ki. 7:23.
> A line is but a long piece of linen, a lint, from the latin linum,  
> 'flax', or lana, 'wool'.
> A soft string tautly stretched between two points makes a straight  
> (namely, extending continuously in the same direction without  
> curving) line.
> Isaac Fried, Boston University
> On Jun 30, 2013, at 12:06 AM, Chris Watts wrote:
>> Oh...that was an eye opener, I read a couple of other translations
>> and the King James is the only one to say linen yarn.  Mmm, I wonder
>> how on earth those 17th century geniuses arrived at that then?
>> Thankyou Michael.
>> Chris Watts
>> Ireland
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