[b-hebrew] Five Rules for root-identification

Jason Hare jaihare at gmail.com
Mon Jul 1 04:54:20 EDT 2013

Some people on the list may not be aware that Isaac has his own entrenched
opinions that generally contradict those of the majority. Especially, how
he views word roots and connections between letter groups, rejects the
functions universally attributed to the dagesh (which is functionally
similar to the Arabic shadda, which he might also argue doesn't exist) and
repudiates any distinction between the vocal and silent sheva, among other

It would be good for these people, who may be new and slightly
"uninitiated" in the interactions of B-Hebrew personalities, to know that
it is with good reason that Isaac's posts often go without reply. He
doesn't speak for the whole body of participants on B-Hebrew, the majority
of whom, I'm sure, are well aware of the uses of these features of the
Hebrew language.

I will say that the only people that I can imagine taking Isaac's
minimalist stance on grammatical orthography are those who grew up in
Israel and never learned the nikkud system properly in the first place. I
rarely meet an Israeli who knows the difference between segol and tsere.

Jason Hare
Rehovot, Israel
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