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I was specifically referring to the suffixes. Supposedly this list is from
the official court records from David’s time, which is why I considered
it significant. If it truly represents names at David’s time, then the
theophofic suffix was already common at about 1000 BC, as well as later.

Karl W. Randolph.

On Fri, Feb 22, 2013 at 11:56 AM, Uri Hurwitz <uhurwitz at yahoo.com> wrote:

>     Karl,
>    What about Moses' mother YKBD, Yocheved, where the theophoric element
> of the name is the prefix?  By tradition David and his court follow Moses
> by many centuries.
>  The prefix YW- or YHW is quite common in such names, though in most
> yahwistic personal names the  divine name appears as a suffix. It does not
> change the meaning. Cf.  Jonathan and N'tanyahu.
>   The suffixes -YHW or -YH  have the same meaning; the first suffix is
> most prevalent in pre-exilic inscriptions such as seals or bullae. The
> second is exclusive in post-exilic inscriptions.
>   A similar trend appears in biblical texts, but more gradually.
>  Uri Hurwitz
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