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   What about Moses' mother YKBD, Yocheved, where the theophoric element of the name is the prefix?  By tradition David and his court follow Moses by many centuries.

 The prefix YW- or YHW is quite common in such names, though in most yahwistic personal names the  divine name appears as a suffix. It does not change the meaning. Cf.  Jonathan and N'tanyahu.

  The suffixes -YHW or -YH  have the same meaning; the first suffix is most prevalent in pre-exilic inscriptions such as seals or bullae. The second is exclusive in post-exilic inscriptions.

  A similar trend appears in biblical texts, but more gradually.

 Uri Hurwitz

Dear List-Members:

This is just a comment that if someone wants to follow up on it could make
a more detailed study.

There was the claim made that Uriah was the first person listed in Tanakh
who had a name ending in the theophoric -YH or -YHW. 

Karl W. Randolph.

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