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Dear Karl,

I see Jesus’ use of calling himself “the good shepherd” as a way of calling himself God in a way understandable to a first century Jewish context. This is just one of several ways that Jesus did so. While Jesus appropriated these verses to refer to himself, did that reflect the understanding of the prophets when they wrote those words?

I do not want to skirt the list guidelines here, but only to say that Jesus' remarks in John 10:1-18, especially 11-18, speaks to the issue of  the difference between the "Good Shepherd" and the "Hired Shepherd." It is Jesus' understanding that the "Hired Shepherd" is equivalent to the "Evil/Wicked Shepherds" of Jeremiah 23 and Ezekiel 34.

I never did, but then I’m not a theologian.

Karl, every person on earth is a theologian. Each person has a view about God, no god, without God (which is the original meaning of ATHEOS), many gods, etc. The difference lies in that some are more competent than others. It is more a matter of degree of competency, consistency, comprehension and communication of about God, who He is and who He is not, than it is about anything else.

Rev. Bryant J. Williams III
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