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I posted this enquiry a couple of days ago to the ANE list with no result, so I hope you don't me me asking here. Can anyone tell me anything about the new revision/replacement or—at the least—author name change that has happened to W.G.E. Watson's Classical Hebrew Poetry: A Guide to its Techniques? It is, I'm sure many will know, a most useful account of Hebrew poetry in the Old Testament and especially in the light of Ugaritic and Akkadian poetry. But now the same title appears with the same publisher under the authorship of Mary Watkins. What's going on? I can find no info, even on the publisher's page, nor any review of the new edition/book if that's what we're seeing. Come to that, I can't find any other sign of a Mary Watkins working in the field. Help!

John Leake,
The Open University, UK



'inna SâHiba Hayâtin hanî'atin lâ yudawwinuhâ: 'innamâ, yaHyâhâ. 
(He who lives a comfortable life doesn't write about it - he lives it.) 
Tawfiq al-Hakim, Yawmiyyât Nâ'ib fil-'Aryâf.

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