[b-hebrew] Need help with Turabian format in Word 2010

Stephen Shead sshead.email at gmail.com
Wed Aug 28 17:31:45 EDT 2013

(Changed the subject line back to the original one...)

Dear Chris,

I'm still wondering about my PDF question. Is it not an option to submit as
PDF? Submitting as Word is doubly problematic: you might be able to solve
your problems for getting it to look right on your computer, but (as you're
discovering) there's no guarantee about how it will look on others' systems.

With the footnote pagination: Did you try the "most reliable fix"
suggestion on the page I linked? i.e. modify the style you use for your
normal body text (it might be Normal or Body Text, for example), and change
the paragraph spacing to an Exact value. If your normal text is double
spaced, you might try setting it to somewhere around 24 pt - whatever looks
closest to double spaced.

The subheading appears at the bottom of the page, so the text it introduces
> begins on the following page.

Is the "Keep with next" pagination option selected for the subheadings (in
the "Line and Page Breaks" tab in the Paragraphs dialog)? If you're using a
style like "Heading 2", that should be selected in the style itself.

>> Thank you. So are you saying that I don't need to list the number of
> volumes in the Anchor Bible series, either?

That's correct - you don't need to list the number of volumes in the
series. If it were a single work in multiple volumes, you would need to,
but a "series" is a different animal.

As far as a tool goes: There are paid stand-alone bibliographic/referencing
tools, like EndNote. (None of them are perfect, but they're very useful.)
If you want something just to generate the correct formatting on an ad hoc
basis, I did a quick search, and there are lots of tools on the internet
(and Word even has its own mechanism for adding references and producing a
bibliography, with a number of different style options). But from what I
can see, they're all overly simple - i.e. I couldn't find any that includes
a "series title" as one of the options.

Best regards,
Stephen Shead
Santiago, Chile
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