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>  karl,
> >>> You want a model that fits all languages at all times. Unfortunately,
> TAM is
> not that model. It doesn’t fit Biblical Hebrew. How many other languages
> does it not fit?
> TAM is not a model. it is the cognitive basis of verb forms. it contains
> competing models. if you want to reject TAM:

In other words, TAM is undefined.

In physics, an Amp is an Amp no matter where it’s found—whether measure in
micro-amps on a chip, to kilo-amps for big power. It doesn’t matter whether
we’re dealing with analog or digital, the biggest limitation to our
accuracy is the accuracy of the instruments we use to measure amps.

If I understand you correctly, each language has its own version of TAM,
and the version that fits one language doesn’t fit another. Therefore, TAM
is undefined. And an undefined term is useless.

For each letter of TAM I use the definitions from SIL found at
http://www-01.sil.org/linguistics/GlossaryOflinguisticTerms/ .Using the SIL
definitions, TAM doesn’t fit Biblical Hebrew.

> nir cohen
> Karl W. Randolph.
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