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Dear Stephen,

Thank you for your help.

The Hebrew and Greek fonts show up fine on my computer, but they do not come through correctly on my first reader's computer. He has not yet told me what version of Word he is using.

Someone else pointed out that I have both Times New Roman fonts in Greek and Hebrew, plus SBL fonts. I'll change these all to SBL for the final draft, I think.

Yes, I have changed the spacing after the footnotes in the paragraph style, but the footnotes still get put on the next page after the number appears in the body. Changing "Widow and orphan control" in the Paragraph menu doesn't seem to help.


>4.) Hanging headers. Subheadings get orphaned when my thesis readers
 open the document in Word at their end. This doesn't happen in every 

>>Again, PDF ... but if that's not possible, it seems strange. What do you mean 
"orphaned"? Do you mean the rest of the page after the subheading is 
blank, and the text following it is thrown to the next page? Or 
something different?

Yes. The subheading appears at the bottom of the page, so the text it introduces begins on the following page.


>5.) Also, is there a good tool for generating proper citations in 
Turabian Humanities? I've always found Turabian to be tough to navigate.
 I need to make sure I properly cite individually-titled, multi-volume 
works with a general editor. Examples in my paper include specific 
volumes from the Word Biblical Commentary series, the Anchor Bible 
commentaries, and similar works.

Actually, the examples you cite aren't really "multi-volume works". They are 
individual books, but in a series. The series title follow the book 
title, in normal text and no inverted commas. I don't think the series 
editor is necessary. Are you using tradition references or author-date 
style? If it's the more tradition, for example, you might have:

Pope, Marvin H. Job: Introduction, translation, and notes. Anchor Bible 15. New York: Doubleday, 1965.

>> Thank you. So are you saying that I don't need to list the number of volumes in the Anchor Bible series, either?

In terms of a "tool", are you using any kind of electronic referencing 
software tool at the moment, or just doing it all by hand?

>> I'm doing it all by hand.

>> Thank you again for your help.


Chris Lovelace
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