[b-hebrew] text on the BH verb structure

Nir cohen - Prof. Mat. nir at ccet.ufrn.br
Mon Aug 19 12:11:35 EDT 2013

dear colleagues,

i have completed a text (or draft) on the BH verb system, which can 
be found in


[pls alert me of any problem in downloading]

consisting (due to its size) of 7 pdf files. it is a book of about 300 pages.
it contains a detailed answer to many comments made here on the topic,
especially by rolf furuli.

the book is reader-autosufficient but is not easy to read, since it treats 
as coupled issues which we usually discuss in isolation: verb function, 
word order, waw-prefixed verb units, and a set of divisions which i find
relevant to the bh verb; in fact, more important than both tense and aspect.
namely, state vs event, episodic vs gnomic, sequential vs parallel.

for this reason: the convoluted nature of the problem, i have avoided to
discuss the issue so far.

the book represents a limited vindication of the tensual (vs aspectual)
position, and esp. of the syntactic school (peckham, blau). it also 
discusses a limited sense of fragmentation of grammar. it agrees in many
points with the new ideas on temporality of carlota smith and veviurko,
as well as the panchronic approach of andrason; but the point of view is
synchronic. it offers a unified treatment of prose and poetry.

each chapter starts with a theoretic discussion and then moves on to examine
finer points by way of numerous examples from the OT.

i would like to hear your opinions, and to renew the discussions on this topic. 

nir cohen

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