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Isaac Fried: 
You wrote:  “The name [‘Chedorlaomer’] is possible the combination 
KDAR-LA-OMER,  with KDR being a variant of GDR, XDR, X$R, KDR, KTR, QDR, Q$R גדר 
חדר חשר  כדר כתר קדר קשר of the common meaning of 'wrap around, 
enclose, encircle'.  …Omer עומר (such as AMIYR) or אומר such  as (AMIYR) is 
'lofty'.  Hence KDARLAOMER is the crown prince, or crown emir,  כתר-ל-אמיר
1.  You are  viewing the name “Chedorlaomer” as being a west Semitic name. 
 I actually agree with that.  But then how would you analyze his  title? 
2.  I myself  see the name and title of this disliked ruler as having 
originally been composed  of the following 13 letters:  KDRL(MR MLK (LM.  [The 
phrase  MLK (LM was viewed by an editor centuries later as bordering on 
blasphemy, as  MLK (LM would seem to be a wondrously positive title worthy of YHWH 
Himself, and  as such not being appropriate for this disliked ruler.  That 
apparent potential blasphemy was  negated by that later editor by adding a 
yod/Y to produce (YLM, under the  pretense of “clarifying” this title by 
using plene spelling.] 
Those 13 Hebrew letters constitute a nasty  curse in Ugaritic.  KDRL(MR MLK 
(LM  = kdr l ‘mr mlk ‘lm.  In  Ugaritic:  (i) kdr = “to fall”;  (ii) l = “
into”;  (iii) ‘mr = “excrement”;  and (iv) although mlk ‘lm literally  
means “king eternal”, it was a stock phrase in Ugaritic that was used  
[exclusively in Ugarit] to reference “all the  kings of Ugarit  -- past, present 
and future”.  If  “Year 13” at Genesis 14: 4 is the real Year 13, then 
historically that was when  the king of Ugarit invited the dreaded Hittites into 
central-west Syria, thereby  precipitating the disastrous Second Syrian War 
the following year:  Year 14.  Although that succeeded in stopping  
immediately the raids on Ugarit by 5 rebellious  Hurrian princelings in central 
Syria, it [that is, the historical “four kings  against five”] also meant that 
Ugarit would never again be independent, but  rather forevermore would be 
reduced to being a docile Hittite vassal state.  The actions of Ugarit King 
Niqmaddu II  thus permanently ended the prior independence of all kings of 
Ugarit.  Accordingly, the following nasty  Ugaritic curse makes perfect sense 
in the historical context of Year 14 [with  such timing being referenced at 
Genesis 14: 5 by “in the 14th year”]: 
“fall into excrement all the kings of Ugarit -- past, present  and future” 
3.  All would  be sweetness and light if the Biblical author had come up 
with a charming phrase  that innocuously means “crown emir”.  But in fact, 
Chedorlaomer’s group of 4 victorious rulers took Abram’s  nephew Lot as a 
prisoner, and Abram then had to risk everything to save  Lot.  So Chedorlaomer 
is portrayed in the Bible in a very negative light. 
It is my opinion that the names and titles of all four  [hated] attacking 
rulers at Genesis 14: 1 are  v-e-r-y  nasty Patriarchal nicknames.  For 
example, the Hittite king  [Suppiluliuma I] is given as his nickname the 
historical name of his older  brother, “Tidal”, whom he had murdered to seize the 
Hittite throne.  Nasty!  And the king of Ugarit, who by calling  the Hittites 
into Syria forfeited forever the independence of Ugarit, and who  [much 
more importantly to the early Hebrews] also thereby ominously brought the  
dreaded Hittites into southern Syria and northern Lebanon where they were  
practically knocking on the door of the Hebrews’ beloved Canaan, as it were, got  
a nasty Patriarchal nickname as well.  Just look at the letters in the 
received text and think Ugaritic:  KDRL(MR MLK (LM = kdr l ‘mr mlk ‘lm,  which 
in Ugaritic means:  “fall into  excrement all the kings of Ugarit -- past, 
present and future”.  Nasty! 
Jim Stinehart 
Evanston,  Illinois
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