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Jerry Shepherd: 
You wrote:  “I think you forgot to change the subject line to Gen 14:3.” 
But the key to my analysis of this critically important  issue is  y-o-u-r  
interpretation of YM at Zechariah 9:  10. 
The Jewish Encyclopedia tells us that apart from Genesis  14: 3, the Bible  
n-e-v-e-r  refers to the Dead  Sea as YM H-MLX/“sea the salt”: 
“The Dead Sea, known at present as "Baḥr Luṭ" (Lot's Sea), is called in 
the Old Testament "Sea of Arabah" (R. V. Deut. iii. 17; Josh. xii.  8), "East" 
or "Eastern Sea" (Ezek. xlvii. 18; Joel ii. 20; Zech.  xiv. 8). and "Salt  
Sea" (Gen. xiv. 3).”  
The only semi-exception to that rule is that on one  occasion, the Dead Sea 
is referred to as being the Sea of Arabah that is a salt  sea;  Joshua 3: 
16 ultra-literally  says:  “sea the-Arabah sea  the-salt”. 
To the best of my knowledge, the Dead Sea is  n-e-v-e-r  referred to as YM  
H-MLX/“sea the salt” outside of the Bible in the ancient world:   
“Non-biblical sources refer to the sea as the Dead Sea, because the water 
cannot sustain marine life,  though it is host to several types of algae and 
Moreover, as to whether the Mediterranean Sea, which is a  salt sea, might 
be referred to as YM H-MLX/“sea the salt”, consider now that in  Biblical 
Hebrew, a person who sails the Mediterranean Sea is called a  “salt”!  MLX, 
at Jonah 1: 5.  Thus we know for certain that the  Hebrews considered the 
Mediterranean Sea to be  a salt sea, a “sea the-salt”, YM H-MLX. 
If the “four kings against five” at Genesis 14: 1-11 is  the historical 
Second Syrian War in Year 14, which occurred one year after the  “Year 13” 
that is expressly referenced at Genesis 14: 4, and which was  accurately 
recorded in cuneiform by a contemporary, then we know that the  instigator was 
Ugarit’s King Niqmaddu II, whose kingdom of Ugarit was on the  Mediterranean 
Sea.  The nasty  Patriarchal nickname for the king of Ugarit who,  most 
unfortunately, invited the dreaded Hittites into Syria, causing Ugarit never 
again to be independent  thereafter, is KDRL(MR MLK (LM.  Can  it be a “
coincidence” that this is a perfect Ugaritic curse in Ugaritic, for  this Ugaritic 
king’s actions that permanently forfeited the independence of all  the kings 
of Ugarit?  KDRL(MR MLK (LM [deleting the later-added yod/Y in the last 
word] in  Ugaritic is:  kdr l ‘mr mlk ‘lm,  where in Ugaritic kdr means “to fall
”, l means “into”, ‘mr means “excrement”,  and mlk ‘lm is the 
world-famous title applicable only to kings of Ugarit,  meaning “all the kings of 
Ugarit -- past, present and future”.  Thus this nasty Patriarchal nickname  
means, in Ugaritic:  “fall into  excrement all the kings of Ugarit, past, 
present and future”.  Only in Ugaritic, and only in Year 14,  does that make 
sense.  And Ugarit was on the Mediterranean  Sea, which was known by the Hebrews 
to be a “salt sea”. 
Whether the “four kings against five” at Genesis 14: 1-11  is fully 
attested historically, or rather has no historical support whatsoever,  depends 
first and foremost on  y-o-u-r  understanding of the  Biblical Hebrew word YM 
at Zechariah 9: 10.  You think that the Mediterranean Sea can  be referenced 
in the Bible by YM, without necessarily having to use the specific  name “
Great  Sea”.  If your understanding of the Biblical  Hebrew word YM at 
Zechariah 9: 10 is correct [and I think it clearly is], then  the door is wide 
open for us to  a-s-k  if YM H-MLX/“sea the  salt” at Genesis 14: 3 may be 
referring to the biggest and most important “salt  sea” in or near Canaan and 
Syria:  the Mediterranean Sea.   
Aren’t you excited by the prospect of solving this  3,500-year-old Biblical 
mystery?  If  this isn’t exciting, then what in life is exciting?  It’s  
y-o-u-r  view of the meaning of the Biblical  Hebrew word YM at Zechariah 9: 
10 that is the key here. 
Jim Stinehart 
Evanston, Illinois
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