[b-hebrew] By Whose God did Goliath Curse and Where did David Take his Head?

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Hebrew narrative sometimes would carry one thought to its end, before
getting onto the next subject. One example is in Genesis 2:19 where by
modern western thought, it appears that God didn’t create the animals until
after he said that it isn’t good that man was alone, but the Hebrew usage
allows that the animals had been created before, just not mentioned until
when necessary for the narrative. So the narrator of 1 Samuel wanted to
finish what happened to Goliath’s head, where it eventually came to rest,
before moving on to the next subject.

As for in whose tent David put Goliath’s implements (“vessels” is a
mistranslation)—we find in 1 Samuel 18:2 that Saul didn’t allow David to
return to Bethlehem. Therefore David needed a place to stay while with
Saul, so “his tent” would have been one assigned by Saul.

> **
>> 2. After killing Goliath, David cut off his head. Then, according to
>> verse 54, "And David took the head of the Philistine and brought it to
>> Jerusalem, and he put his vessels in his tent". Why in the world would
>> David run to Jerusalem (which at the time was ruled by the Jebusites) with
>> a bloody head? Especially if in verse 57 he is still on the battlefield,
>> and still has the head! And by the way, whose tent?
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