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Hi Karl,

This is a follow-up to one of your complaints in your last post.  You said:
"I’ve forgotten the name of this logical fallacy, but if you look at my
message from July 19, you’ll see that my statement refers not to what
followed my statement, but to “The grand majority of translations and
commentators” that preceded my statement, to which your quote also
disagreed. You conflated my statement to a context other than to where I
applied it."

As I mentioned in my response to this post, I found this paragraph very
convoluted and confusing; but I went back and reread your post of the
18th(not the 19
th) I think I finally figured out what you were trying to say.  And I
confess that you are indeed correct.  I thought you were making the
statements about Wilson and Block, when you were actually making the
statements about the "grand majority of translations and commentators."  So
I apologize for misunderstanding that you were making these comments about
the "grand majority" rather than about Wilson and Block.

However, please keep in mind that while I was ultimately disagreeing with
the "grand majority of translations and commentators," I was not being
critical of them, and I would still reject your characterization that they
had not done their homework with regard to the Hebrew.  They are still very
fine commentators, and a number of them had even considered the Wilson and
Block suggestion and nevertheless rejected it.  So it still isn't fair to
say that they had not done their homework.



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